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I'm still exhausted and sick after the grueling move. My body won't allow me to do much, but I was able to go out today and do a bit of shopping.

We are near a fuckton of strip malls which makes shopping rather easy. I went looking for a bathing suit and managed to find one. It's a 3x plain thing I found at walmart. It was the biggest one they had in the store. I'm so embarrassed and grossed out by myself today. At 260 pounds I shouldn't expect to look good. Thankfully this place has a pool and a small fitness center, so I'll be able to work on that more. I look and feel like shit, but it can be worked on.

The stress of the move definitely set me back, weight and health wise. I'm happy we are here and I don't regret it, but it was hard. Life will be a bit rough money-wise, because my roommate is have a hard time finding a job, so I may have to cover her rent for a while.

I do love it here. It's so pretty and green and strange.


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