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The purge continues

I love moving. I fucking love it. I love going through everything I own and deciding what needs to stay or go. I found a guy on craigslist to take some of my unwanted coral and reef fish. I love how freeing it is just to get rid of shit.

We're going to Portland in late June if we have the cash. If not, then late July. I hope I never come back here except maybe to visit.

Life is going ok. Still dealing with a lot of sickness and weight issues, but I'm better than I was. Business is doing well. I'm making a lot of changes to the company to improve it. Better products, packing, website, ect.

I've been doing a ton of research on it and I hope to have my own line of veggie hair dyes out in a few years. Like manic panic or special effects. Vivid long lasting stuff. It actually easy to make but finding good suppliers of the colorants is a bitch.


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