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Happy new year

It's a new year now. It's hard to believe, because 2010 seemed to last so long and went so fast at the same time. My basic new years resolutions are:
1) Move to Portland this summer
2) lose and maintain a healthy weight
3) run my business better
4) be a better person
5) make more art

Not a long list but quite complicated. I'll write posts about each one of these resolutions because a single post would be too long.


I'm sitting here in my living room and thinking about one of the few reason I enjoy Ohio: the weather. It's in the mid fifties today and rainy. Four days ago it was thirty and snowy. Tomorrow there could be a blizzard. The unpredictability of the weather is nice. It gives you a break from the snow and freezing temperatures. I'll miss it, because Portland's weather is a bit more civilized and stable.


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